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Bedbugs are reddish-brown parasitic insects that have proven to be a menace for homeowners. These bloodsucking parasites have a host of health impacts which is quite alarming, seeing as their extermination can only be described as complex. Depending on the nature and extent of the infestation, their complete eradication could take weeks or, in worse scenarios, months.

Signs of Infestation

While the first sign that you might have a bedbug problem is waking up to itchy patches on your skin that are relatively red, there are other signs you could look out for. These include:

• Bloodstains on the sheets or pillows.

• Bedbug excrement, which is dark or rusty spots around the hotspots.

• Bedbug fecal matter, shed skins, or eggshells near crevices you suspect are infected with the parasite.

• A musty odor within the room whose source is the bugs’ scent glands.

Bedbugs will often enter your home undetected when infected luggage, clothing, or used furniture is introduced to the space. After their introduction, these will take advantage of their flattened bodies to fit into tiny spaces. Note that these insects do not nest like ants and bees but will instead live in groups within the hiding places. The latter will typically be within mattresses, bed frames, headboards, or even box springs.

Over time, these bugs will scatter throughout the home and move into crevices that are inaccessible to you. They will then retreat from these protected locations to not only bite you as you sleep but damage your property.

As mentioned, bedbugs are parasitic insects. These retreat from the crevices to feed on you by piercing the skin and withdrawing blood through their elongated teeth. They feed on you for about five minutes, after which they become engorged enough. At this point, they detach from your skin and crawl back unnoticed.

Anyone who a bedbug has ever bitten will tell you that they hardly felt any pain. They only realized that they had a bedbug problem when their skin became rather red and itchy.

Process of Bedbug Extermination

Identification of Problem

The initial inspection will include the collection of a bedbug as a sample. What’s more, all areas, including those surrounding the living spaces, will also be inspected to ascertain the extent of the infestation.

Development of an Extermination Strategy

We will then develop an extermination strategy for your property. This strategy is dependent on the extent of the infestation, the sheer number of bedbugs you have, and the points of infestation. During this phase of the extermination process, the method of extermination to be employed is determined.

Isolating Infested Spaces and Items

It goes without mentioning that you cannot afford the spread of bedbugs to other spaces and items. As such, with Avista’s help, it would be best if you removed any infested items and put them in sealed plastics bags for later treatment. For items that would be deemed impossible to clean, you can leave these in sealed plastic bags for about a year.

If you often use a vacuum cleaner, you want to empty it as often as possible. When you open to empty, immediately seal the bag and dispose of it in the outdoor trash container.

Suppose a lot of the furniture is infested. It would be best to consider responsibly discarding the furniture. Rip covers and remove the stuffing within the furniture items to check if the insides have bedbugs.


The Extermination process requires the technician to use pesticides. After the spraying of the chemical pesticide, the area will likely be sealed off for a couple of hours, as you will be advised by the technician. After some time, the exterminator will check whether the different colonies identified are entirely eradicated.

Experience has shown that the most significant impediment to the complete extermination of bedbugs is the homeowner. Therefore, to ensure success, the homeowner has to stay proactive to prevent future infestation. Some of the efforts you can make to ensure your space remains bedbug-free include:

• Decluttering to remove any items within your space that you no longer need.

• Laundering all infested fabric and personal items.

• Inspecting used furniture and luggage before introducing the same to your space.

Connect with Avista as we have created an extermination protocol that should bring about long-term protection. Our technicians are committed to providing you with the best solutions to ensure that your space and home remain comfortable.

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