Frequently Asked Questions

It would be helpful if you could pick up loose objects near the baseboards such as pet bowls, toys, clothing etc. to help us move more quickly and thoroughly around your home. Your initial service will take about 45 minutes to one hour to do the inside and outside of your home.
Our products are completely family and pet friendly, bio-degradable, odorless and stainless. Most of our products are derived from the chrysanthemum flower. We are licensed and insured and only use products registered with the EPA.

What about fish and reptiles? These animals are somewhat susceptible to some of the products we use, but we are very careful around them. If you have fish, we ask that you turn the bubbles (air) off, while we are spraying inside, you can cover the tank with a towel. After we leave, you can uncover the tank and turn the air back on. Fish in ponds outside will be noted on the agreement, where we will not apply any products near them. Covering the indoor reptile’s cage while we spray will be sufficient as well. If you have a KOI Pond on your property…we can still treat them; we just use a small hand tank around the pond instead of the Power Sprayer.

Before every regular treatment we will send you a text, phone call or email the week leading up (whatever your preferred method of contact). You will be sent another reminder the day before your service.

Pests can be sneaky little creatures, and often emerge at different times throughout the year. You think certainly a professional treatment will rid you once and for all of your pest ambush. But, sure enough, after a few weeks, the pests creep back up on you. At this point, you feel upset the pest service didn’t seem to work, annoyed you’ve spent so much time and energy on this ridiculous issue, and hopeless about anything truly controlling your bugs. The reality is that effective pest control isn’t about battling pests once you see them. It’s about consistently battling pests before you see them. To keep pests away from your home all year, year-round pest control is definitely worth it—it’s a carefully crafted, highly individualized strategy to actually solve your larger pest issues, rather than merely cope with them.

Either once every two months (bi-monthly) or once every three months (quarterly).
The initial service (first service) is a full inside and outside treatment. We use a broom to deweb the outside patio, porch, eaves and windows, knocking down any webs as well as wasp and mud dauber nests. We then use the power sprayer to put 15-20 gallons of product around the perimeter of the house: around the doors and windows, under the eaves, in the shrubs and bushes, about 5 feet up the walls and 7 feet out. We treat the patio areas as well. This is the “basic” outside service that establishes a barrier around our customers’ homes. We provide this same servcies on a regular basis (except for the inside, which is free by request).
We are a green company and try to do everything paperless. Most of our customers use the autopay system because it’s very convenient and completely safe. In fact, you can type in your credit card information yourself. Once you enter it into the payment system it becomes secure and we can only see the last 4 digits for your safety. If you prefer, we can also accept a check or cash after the initial service and then bill you after each regular service.
Avista’s Nuisance-Free Process guarantees all ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, wasps, roaches and more. The best part of the service is if you ever have any bug problems in between our regular treatments, we will come back and service your home for free.
Most of our products are water based, so it would take “torrents” of rain to do any major diluting. In the case that it is raining very hard, we may use a water-activated granule spread around your home and lawn. We are always willing to come back for free in-between services if you feel that you need a re-service for any reason.
Actually, it’s quite common to see bugs after the first treatment. That’s completely normal, don’t be alarmed – it usually takes about 10 days for the product to cycle through. This increase in bug activity shows that the products we are using are working: we are getting rid of them and disrupting their habitat. If the problem persists after about 10 days, just give us a call and we will get back out here to retreat your home at absolutely no additional charge.
We understand that circumstances may arise resulting in the need to cancel your service. If this happens, we are not going to charge you the rest of the balance on the contract. It’s simply $125 early termination fee. After your agreement period ends, you can cancel at any time, but like I said, most of our customers just stay on service for years and years because they love NOT seeing bugs and we treat our customers like family.
We would be happy to treat the yard and around your garden. It’s actually good because it will reduce pests that would hurt your fruit and vegetables. While the products are completely safe – company policy doesn’t allow us to treat the garden directly.
There are some products that are enhanced by moisture, which make the treatment more effective. Our technicians will generally treat with a liquid product by the home’s foundation and on the base of the windows. They will also use this treatment for the eaves of the house and entry ways. Water enhanced granule will be spread out from the foundation into the yard to create a barrier around the home. This treatment method is extremely effective and very important in preventing future infestations. You may see an increase in insect activity just after it rains. This is usually because rain disturbs insect dwellings and the reproductive cycles of the pests near your home. It is important to have already applied the treatment in order to minimize invading pests. If, for any reason, you feel that you are experiencing abnormal amounts of insect activity during wet periods, we are more than happy to return to your home and retreat free of charge.
The colder temperature in the winter compels pests that normally dwell outside the home to seek refuge inside. Because of this, the fall and winter months are considered rodent season. While your garage and attic are generally too hot for mice and rats to dwell in during the summer months, they become the primary areas where rodents are found in the winter. Ants, spiders, earwigs and other pests can become an increasing problem inside the home during the winter as well. Our winter method of treating for these common pests is extremely effective. We focus our treatment in areas closer to the home where pests are reproducing and nesting. Many specialists believe that the winter treatment is the most important because as the weather begins to warm and pests become more and more active, with the treatment in place, the pests will come into contact with the products as they emerge from their nesting areas before they have a chance to multiply and dwell inside the home.
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